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For all the cows..
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Skyler hART
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: oreo
Location: Troy, PA
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height: 6.0
Weight: 175
Penis Length: 3 foot

Penis Width: 10 inches
# of whores: 52 and counting

Interests & Affiliations:
Masterbating, doing drugs, having unprotected sex, killing people, pimping hos, driving without a seatbelt on, masterbating, selling crack, slapping my mother, masterbating.

Favorite Bands and Artists:
The woodchucks and Chuck Norris, Afi, Tenacious D, Left elbow, English coffee, rosepedals, masterbation in my stomach

About me:
Whores of harlem. Whores of Harlem!!!! WOH WWWOOOHHH!!! I HAVE A HUGE PENIS

Do you watch llama porn?
No, well all the time on weekends.

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Member since 2005-02-19 09:07:13
Last logged in 2006-04-20 12:43:19

1HTML> The Whores of Harlem

Whores of Harlem

Is The WOH Gay?

Do the whores kill cows?

How Can I Join the Whores?

Does the WOH believe in aliens?


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The offical Whores of Harlem Website!!


Hello as you can tell this is the Whores of Harlem offical website. Anything that deals with the whores you will find here.

For the first article of whore news, you may of heard of some people ripping down the WOH website posters. If you see anyone ripping down the posters please calmly go over to them and kill them. As a whore you are obligated to kill on command.

As a whore you have to obey your Head Whores. The Head Whores have ultimate power over the whores. If you don't do our bidding we will cast you into the firy pits of hell where you will burn for eternity.

The whores believe that everyone should be treated equally, no one should be left out. Except for the gays and the Mexicans, and the Texans. The whores are all about helping people too. This month we are offically making it National Help a Nigga Out Month.

The Whores of Harlem are proud to annouce that the Head Whores Skyler Hart and Bill Kingeter have just formed the offical Whores of Harlem band. If you want to hear the band please come to Walmart on friday nights. We play from 7 to 7:30 and then afterward we have a WOH meeting in the back of Walmart. Please support your local chapter of the WOH. Give us money today.!!!

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